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Family passion and contemporary; international flair are the keys to Angeles Scorsetti’s one-to-watch success.

-by Jen Chase

If it were up to Angeles Scorsetti, she’d beautify the world one space at a time until her exotic fingers were too weak to hold a bolt of fabric. The interior designer born Maria de los Angeles Scorsetti—a South American stunner in her own right—has been decorating for 12 years under her own name; and with clientele from Ted Turner to Joe Everyman seeking her services across the country (Scorsetti Design, LLC, has collaborated with clients in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and abroad), a lifetime’s work might not be long enough to satisfy her fans. But she’ll try.

“There is not one focus,” says Scorsetti of her firm’s design perspective. “Some decorator are stuck with one design…[but] I think I have my own signature.  “It’s different,” she adds. “We can do everything. We can go contemporary, modern….It’s all about beauty.”

Sit in a Scorsetti-designed space and from floor trim to ceiling, there’s something noticeable at every turn. Known for creating those breathtaking, first-impression, ah-ha moments you yearn for when stepping into a spectacularly designed space, Scorsetti materializes her clients’ concepts—no matter their variety, diversity or complexity—thanks to her well-rounded past: she earned a design degree in Argentine Italian Heritage from Centro de Estudio de Interior Design & Architectural School (she was born in Argentina), and enjoyed stints at design firms Dwell and Elvio Allocatti in L.A.  She’s also fluent in four languages (English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, if you’re curious).

But the most profound influence on her design acumen was fostered during childhood. “My grandpa used to be a general contractor, so I kind of grew up around [design],” she says. With her dad’s hobby of flipping houses and her mother’s love of beautiful antiques, it was a given Little Angeles would absorb mad design skills through osmosis, alone.

“This is coming from my family,” she says of her design interests, recalling that at 18, she and her family began opening furniture/design stores—four in total—in Bariloche, Argentina. Working beside her father, Scorsetti’s learning the ins and outs of buying for the company sent her to and from furniture shows in the United States.

The United States was a country she’d come to love, and today Scorsetti lives in Las Vegas, where her local work has touched some 300 units at the Panorama Towers, 40 at the Martin, the two highest behind the Aria and Vdara resorts, respectively.   In 2010, Scorsetti Design was hired for the $13 million remodel of Panorama’s twin towers – its lobbies and vestibules, among other spaces-and her company recently turned a Mandarin Oriental penthouse from grey shell to gorgeous (to the tune of a resale value singing softly at nearly $1300/square foot).

But it’s not just big fish that tug at Scorsetti’s line. “We are very open with all clients,” she says. “We work with everyone, and every budget,” adding that her firm is so full service to work on each project. The firm strives to accommodate in every way while caring for its clients…clients who, in Scorsetti’s world, are always right.

“Each project is like a baby,” she says proudly. “…It’s a process. We enjoy it. I love what I do. It’s a passion.”

Find Scorsetti Design LLC at 3091 W. Tompkins Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 89103; at 702.688.0941; and at



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