Scorsetti Design is a boutique design firm that caters to a discerning client who appreciates quality and attention to details.  We believe in a seamless experience which starts by listening to our clients to fully understand their unique vision and lifestyle.  Our philosophy is to inspire and assist our clients in transforming their homes to reflect a unique and personalized expression of themselves.

The design experience is provided in a way to inform, inspire and assist clients through the process of transforming their home to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves that adds to the enjoyment of their interior space.
Scorsetti Design LLC I.F.D.A. Membership – International Furnishings And Design Association.


Angeles Scorsetti

CEO | Interior Designer | IFDA Member

“My passion for design stems from the influence of my travels and appreciation of architecture, history and art.  Growing up in a multi cultural environment exposed me to several different cultures that have inspired my love for creating beautiful environments.”




Steve Mason


“I work on adrenaline and enjoy working with all aspects of the process.  From the initial design, to working with our quality contractors and seeing the project from start to finish.  It is about quality in all that we do and ensuring every last detail has exceeded our client’s expectations.”




Zulue Caldera

Director of Creative Design

“The creative design process is something that I have enjoyed throughout the years taking inspiration from varies environments and numerous works of art and architecture.”

Steven Basil

Consultant Designer Beverly Hills

“Working with Angeles Scorsetti and her creative design team has brought beauty, elegance and elevated peoples homes throughout Beverly Hills and Southern California.”